Birds can fly as high as the clouds

Every day I see a bird fly I am wowed 

by how gracefully it flies

But I noticed it’s very shy

Normaly people want them as pets

But people should let birds free and fly 

as fast as a jet 

So for now just let them be 

and fly with thier family


Should we or Should we not

      Have you ever said you wanted a pet tiger or a giraffe when you have gone to the zoo? Or even think about how cool it would be to have a lion in your house instead of just a normal pet? At first you might think it’ll be awesome to have a lion but think of the dangers it might bring to you and your family. Imagine your baby sister playing with the lion and the lion gets frustrated and out of nowhere it attacks your baby sister.


      Every year wild animals hurt or kill people and its normally their owners or family. Dangerous animals have killed several children and even full-grown adults. A chimpanzee is something almost everybody wishes they cold have. I mean they look so cute. But as said in the Collections book on page 225 ¶ 1 “a Connecticut woman was mauled and disfigured by a neighbor’s pet chimp”. This gives a big setback on the having a chimpanzee as a pet idea.


        Another problem with having wild animals as pets is that they can accidentally escape. Who hasn’t had their dog, cat or rabbit wonder outside the house at least once. Imagine a cougar gets out and the whole neighborhood and cougar is in danger because the cougar is hungry and attacking people. As said in the Collections book page 224 ¶ 2 Terry Thompson opened the cages on his Zanesville farm springing  dozens of wild animals.And as darkness closing in, authorities arrived with no good choices but to shoot a handful of animals as the nations watched horrified.

        The federal law in 2003 forbids interstate transport of certain big cats. This has stopped much of the trade on the internet , according to the Humane Society of the U.S. But other types of wild animals were left out. And now only collectors who exhibit animals need a federal license. As said on the Collections book on page 225 ¶ 4 “Only collectors exhibit animals need a federal license. Those, such as Thompson, who keep the animals as “pets” are left alone, unless states intervene.

    To conclude wild animals is not something you want as a pet.You should just leave it alone living it’s own life. So the next time you come across a wild animal just leave it alone and stay out of it’s site.