Dear Malala

I am a 12 year old boy that read your book “I am Malala”. Ever since I read your book I have looked up to you for how you stand up for people, especially how you stood up for girls education even though they threatened you and shot you in the head. Even though i’m a boy I think that girls should be respected with the same respect boys get, and never be told what they can’t do because what they want to do is only for boys. I admire your courage and fearfulness that you have and I like how your dad didn’t stop and instead helped you and pushed you to help girls go to school.

When I saw you giving a speech for your noble prize I was happy because you deserved it for your courage, fearfulness and caring attitude for others. When you gave that speech a lot of people saw you and inspired them to do amazing things for other people like give to the homeless and donate tablets with learning apps for those in Africa. In the end what you have done is amazing giving girls the chance to learn and become what they want to be.

From Lenny


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